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A future service to connect food with producer and provide a solution to raise revenue by a responsible way.


Individual design project

What is Amazon Fresh?

Amazon Fresh provides a way to buy groceries

from your home and in stores.

Rapid and hassle-free process.

Deals and benefits.

Freshness/quality of the products.

Connections to other Amazon services.

Research Overview


Field Research

  • Helen - Hallsford Farm

  • John - Live Stock Farmer

  • Sarah - La Fromagerie

  • Abdul - Amazon Fresh

  • Teng -

Desk Research

  • UK Government reports in agriculture and food production


Field Research

  • 10 Amazon Fresh users

  • (including from Icebreaker research)

Desk Research

  • The Third plate - Dan Barber

  • Omnivores Dilema - Michael Pollen

  • UK Government reports in agriculture and food production

Sector Ecosystem

Amazon Fresh's Visionary Ecosystem

Based on interviews with their employees and Amazon's extensive strategy of using technology

Future: Let´s go Amazoning... (instead of shopping)

Vertical integration

Monopoly of shopping



Type of Farming

Agricultural Area as

proportion of all UK area

Agricultural Land Area used for Livestock

Source: GSS, WWF

4 Universal Interactions of Producers

Live from


Look for


Respond to


Yearn for


On an average, farmers work a 65-hour week – far exceeding the UK national average of 37 hours.

"There's never enough days in the week; there's never enough hours in the day, there's never enough gin. It's just a constant cycle. [...] Animals need attention all the time and you've got to get all your products ready and fresh, and to the markets. It's just constant."


Source : Farmers Weekly

Almost 77.4% of farms are in the second generation of ownership and 6.8% in the fifth or more.

"So we try and talk to our customers and put it on the social media about various things that we do during the year. Educate them about it. [...] We try and educate people a little bit but not to say oh, you poor farmers. Don't get me wrong, it's our lifestyle choice."


Source : Farmers Guardian

Only 5% of farmers in the UK want to sell to supermarkets.

"People used to safeguard their list of suppliers and we have all realized we have to share in order to ensure their survival. Its time to talk about them and assure they don't drive back with an empty van."

"The dairy farmers have no connection with the consumers at all. Mike used to get quite depressed about it. Now, customers come to the farm to collect the milk and he loves it because he actually talks to the people, and they know who is behind it all."


Source : Farmers Guardian

Almost 50% of the farms in the UK make less than 25k a year.

"During lambing time, for example, we can't do great big markets further afield because we've got to concentrate on looking after the lambs. [...] Can we afford to employ somebody else to make our life easier? Or do we work hard to make sure we actually make some money? We have to be very careful how we grow the business."


Source : Framer's Guardian

Problem statement



Tech controlled to ensure results


Tech controlled to ensure circularity

Source: Dan Barber "The Third Plate"

Average person spends 'half as much time' cooking as parents' generation

The total amount of money spent on food “away from home” (vs. at home) has risen 94% since 2003.

The UK spends 8% of their disposable income on food—one of the least compared to other countries with similar GDP per capita

Source: Nielsen, USDA


Tech controlled to ensure circularity

Source: Dan Barber "The Third Plate"

Source : The Government Statistical Service, Elemantar UK

Source : Farmer's Union


From Amazon to the Future of Food

“We know many customers are prioritizing sustainability in what products they buy and where they choose to shop. With our newest Amazon Fresh store, we are taking the next step on our path to becoming a net-zero carbon business by 2040.”


Source : Amazon climate pledge in 2019

Future of Food Workers

How to support struggling producers?

Future of Food

How to influence people to want what they need?

Use the tools Amazon Fresh already has to

help producers Grow responsibly

and borrow the Want culture to

incorporate the Need counter-culture.

Source : HelloFresh

Final outcome

Future of Food

Future of Food Workers

Reference: Abel&Cole, HelloFresh

The Mile Box addresses all the eight points we have discovered in the future of food and the future of food workers.

And then, the value delivered to each stakeholder in the ecosystem, the producers will gain more opportunities to connect with consumers

Convenience, nutritious produce, conscience of origin

Diversify their work

in-store as producers´ ambassador

Small step advancing to a sustainable & transparent future as 'food miles' are responsible for about 6% of the world's GHG emissions

Visibility of hard work, connection, diversification of their work

Amazon Fresh acts as a platform that provides a service to help producers connect with consumers rather than a competitor in the ecosystem that creates distance between the consumers and producers.

You can see it on the homepage and before you checkout in amazon app. And You can also choose the produce in the Mile Box.

The first step

The next step

The first step is to have our Mile Box at the entrance with the Meal Deal for maximum visibility.

The future steps could be having designated aisles for British produce with food mile category. Besides, there will also be pop-up events for farmers to come and have more opportunities to connect.

Prototype Testing

  • Doesn't align with Amazon model, but it is a change that is justified and necessary.

  • It could be useful to amplify demographics

  • Be smart about pricing and logistics

Helen Tompkins

Hallsford Farm Produce

​Showing the mileage of the products and where they've come from is a big difference. A carrot from down the road is much better than one from Netherlands and having that difference of 20-60 miles, it brings so much perspective.

Then the seasonal point of it is very important as well, I think it's wrong that we should be expecting everything at every minute of the year and every hour of the day being able to get strawberries or whatever.

Sarah Bilney

La Fromagerie

I think you know, so even if it's a tiny step, it's a good step.

If I knew that they were having farmers produce I'd go in and I'm the I'm so not their target market. [...] So you know, maybe they can expand that demographic.

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