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New Advertising 




The project will create AD interest groups by users personality which is a new way to communicate with advertisers more friendly. 


Individual design project


Online advertising has become the mainstream advertising method. Advertisers use algorithms to predict user preferences and serve ads advertisements. Although this method dramatically improves the conversion rate of ads, it also has many drawbacks. 


How does social media serve ads?

How does people think of network advertising?

Miss Pan

27 years old

As soon as I see an ad on my phone, I close it because I am not interested in the content that makes me dislike seeing ads.

Miss Zhang

23 years old

I always feel that malicious advertisements are pushing me. When I open a social software, I see ads that are not related to my daily life. 

Miss Chen

21 years old

I take the initiative to learn about some of the product through advertisements, but the increasing number of junk advertisements make me sick and tired. 

Problem statement

1. Existing technology can't accurately predict consumers' propensity to spend. 

2. Users do not know what personal information is being used on social media. 

My observation


Social advertising uses information about consumers' peers, including peer affiliations with a brand, product, organization, etc., to target ads and contextualize their display. 

 Peers' affiliations reflect unobserved consumer characteristics, which are correlated along the social network, and the inclusion of social cues (i.e., peers' association with a brand) alongside ads affect responses via social influence processes. For these reasons, responses may be increased when multiple social signals are presented with ads and when ads are affiliated with peers who are strong, rather than weak, ties.

Advertisers can use IP images and stories to attract their target audience. 

​Case Study

CM Show

CM Show is a virtual social image social system developed by Tencent. Users design social images according to their spending characteristics, they even spend money on them.

Final outcomes

I designed a system of virtual social advertising images based on the social properties of advertising. Consumers take the initiative to show their preferences to create friendly communication channels with advertisers.

User testing

Users are willing to create the AD interest groups by themselves,furthermore,they think it is a new way to communicate with advertisers more friendly.   If the APP can reduce unnecessary advertising, they will be happy to accept it.


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