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This project is to refine the online hospital to help employees get the correct medical treatment.


Individual design project

Problem statement

In China, since many companies do not protect employees‘ rights as the law requires when they take sick leave,  the company regardless of their health, which leads office workers to take improper medical treatment when they feel unwell.


Mr Wang is a UI designer. He often works overtime. Due to lack of daily exercise, Mr Wang often catches a cold or a fever. If he asks for sick leave, it will impact on the salary and year-end assessments. Therefore, when Mr Wang feels sick, he often takes some cold medicine by himself. He will only see a doctor if the symptoms get more serious.

Tertiary Hospital

Community Hospital

Internet Hospital

The Pharmacy

The Clinic

The situation of medical system

I analyzed all stakeholders in China's medical system through desktop research.


After then, I invited several employees to the issues of the medical service system.

Tertiary Hospital

There are the best doctors and medical resources in Tertiary Hospital. It results in patients spending more time and money on treatment. Furthermore, it will exacerbate the imbalance in health care resources.

I perfer to make the first diagnosis in Tertiary hospitals to cure the disease quickly. But there are so many people in Tertiary Hospital that I have to take one day off to see the doctor. 

Miss Zhang   Age: 27  

Community Hospital

Community hospitals are mainly located around residential communities and provide essential basic healthcare for surrounding residents. It is very inconvenient to go there for office workers who work long hours in office buildings. Beset by a shortage of funds, some community hospitals have outdated equipment. 

The medical conditions of community hospitals are too underdeveloped. I am afraid of wasting time there. So I don't want to see a doctor in community hospitals.

Mr Wang    Age: 32    

Internet hospital

Internet hospitals provide a more timely online consultation. Since a patient’s visit is only based on online communication and self-report, the consultation makes patients lack confidence in the doctor, and the doctor makes mistakes in treatments. Therefore, Internet hospitals are only a tool for patients to buy prescription medicine in most cases. 

Mr Wang    Age: 32    

It is very convenient to buy medicines in the Internet hospital. When I report the state of an illness to a doctor, I can get the medication prescribed.


I found out the main issues with office workers‘ healthcare through the problem tree.



Incorrect treatment concepts

Unbalanced salary system

Saving time

Prefer to tertiary hospitial 

Deferred treatment


Harmful to the

Waste of medical resources



I found the problem of medical treatment among Chinese youngsters. They always think that their bodies have "inflammation" when they suffer from diseases or pain. Therefore, I base my views on the technology of combined blood routine tests and Internet medical services to build a new service ecosystem.


​Concept sketch


1.Scan the QR- code to get the box, and then open box on the table .

2. Disinfect your fingers with a sterile cotton pad.

3. Stab the ring finger with the blood collection needle.

4. Press the suction tube to collect the blood.

5. Put the suction vessel into the container.

6. Step on the pedals to put all items into the waste box.

One day, he felt uncomfortable and opened the website of an Internet hospital.

The doctor asked him to get a blood routine test.

He started doing the blood routine test according to the procedure.

Based on the test results, the doctor prescribed medicine for him online.

He filled in the delivery address and paid.

The medicine will be delivered to his company.


I took my cardboard blood vessel collection and self-service blood collection machine and visited office workers around the office building. I can conclude that users had a high acceptance of Care Box.


Service Ecology Map


Medical resources



Web doctor



CRAE BOX company

Tertiary hospital




​Medical service



​Testing service



Medical service


​Blood testing machine

​Blood collection container

Disposable blood collecting needle

Blood storage container

Suction tube

Blood collecting button

​Online platform

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